is the equilibrium of the breathing and motion that coordinates symmetric muscular chains.

is the source of life guiding all movement in vinyasa. Movements are coordinated with inhale and exhale. Breath becomes deeper and longer, and the movement follows it becoming slower and smoother.

is the source of any development. It smoothly and consciously coordinates different parts of the body, transforming us beyond stereotypes.

is the attribute of a human being. Consciousness constantly guides the flow of vinyasas. Set of vinyasas in its turn affects the stability of consciousness. It centres practitioners consciousness around mindful control of his body.

is the foundation of a holistic structure. The RHYTHM set in vinyasas structures movements, gathers consciousness, harmonizes the emotions

is the culmination of conscious efforts to create a new form.

is the ability to manage attention, the skill to concentrate on your goals. It’s formed in the process of constant control by the consciousness of breathing and body movements.

is the foundation of confidence. It’s formed by the correct load distribution in vinyasa.

is movement in agreement. It’s a synergy of breathing, consciousness and movement, that takes outside of the habitual limits. FLOW expands the perception of reality.

Is increase in degrees of freedom.

Sandhaana Yoga 2.0

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